Corporate Limo Service Whether you are planning a wedding, prom or headed to the big game, it is important that you get the best vehicle and service for your money. There are many factors to consider when booking limo service. We hope this limo rental tips guide helps you get the most from your luxury transportation experience. Airportdroplimo can help you find the right limousine or limo party bus for your event.

Decide when you’ll rent/Rental Tips

Some seasons or days are the peak of the season for hiring limousines. You will probably be able to secure a better price and availability if you hire a limo early. You’re also likely to get a better rate on weekdays.

Look for a limo company

Once you know what you want, call a selection of companies and obtain written quotes for your event. You can look in a local directory online or take quote by filling the form on websites. airportdroplimo has best packages and service for you to make your event outstanding.

Find out the company’s credentials/Rental Tips

Ensure the company has valid certification. Ask if they have liability insurance and professionally trained drivers as airportdroplimo has these credentials for you.

Check online reviews

Choose a limo service that has a good record of customer satisfaction. Look for comments online that the service was friendly, professional, and showed up on time.

Package deals

A lot of limo companies offer special packages for different events. For example, airportdroplimo has some packages which include non-alcoholic drinks, cake, and goodie bags. Ask what packages are available and what is included in each package.

Find out what is and isn’t included

You don’t want to end up with a bill that’s far higher than you expected, so ask details before. Ask if there are mileage charges, and if so, what they are. Find out if beverages (alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic) and ice cost extra. Expect to pay any applicable road tolls or parking fees. Corporate-Limo-Service

Find out how you will pay

Ask about a deposit: limo companies generally ask for a deposit of 20 to 50 percent down.

Deciding on a Vehicle

When you are deciding which limo to choose, determine these factors carefully.

Determine the number of people will be riding in the limo/Rental tips

Most limousine companies offer six-, eight-, and ten-passenger vehicles. There are also larger options such as Hummer vehicles, “extra stretch” limos or limo buses.

Make sure you’ll have enough room

You’ll be more comfortable with extra room rather than filling the limo to its maximum seating capacity. People are different sizes, so as a rule of thumb you’re better off getting a limo with seating capacity.

Features you may want to be included

There are various extras you may want to be included. For example, some limos have a TV, VCR or DVD player, a sound system, car phone, sunroof or Jacuzzi. Verify that the limo will have fully working seatbelts, as well as air conditioning or heat upon request.

Decide on the vehicle type

Ask if the color, size, and model of the vehicle are available which you want.

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