Flights with layovers are often cheaper than direct flights, but regardless of the savings, many travelers will pay more to avoid the extra time in the airport. The thought of sitting around in an airport for six hours between flights is only boring in peoples mind. And who would want to delay their arrival time more than necessary. But despite the reputation, layovers don’t have to mean endless hours of watching the clock and waiting for your vacation to start. In fact, a layover can be a memorable part of your trip and, dare Airport Drop Limo guides you and say it, full fun. Leave the Airport, See the Sights Airports that offer fast and affordable transportation to the cities they serve are the best places for an airport layover adventure. In cities of Toronto, travelers can easily take transportation from the Airport Drop Limo to the city center and spend a half-day exploring. Sleeping Some travelers think sleeping in the airport is disturbingly similar to sleeping on the roads. One’s comfort level depends on a number of factors, from personal experience to conditions in the airport in which you’re staying. Many airports have designated sleeping sections or special sleep chairs that make for painless napping. Get a Room Your eyes are heavy after a flight, but you don’t like the idea of dozing off in public. There’s a solution. Consider paying for short-term lodging, even if it’s for a layover that’s only a half-day or so long and it may be cheaper than you think and well worth the cost. Play a Game Pack one or two board games in your carry bag and get your travel companion or a friendly stranger waiting in your terminal to join in on the fun. Computer games or mobile games get your face away from that screen for half an hour and engage you really. It’s a great way to pass the time. Play an Instrument The guy who sing-along at Airport became a hero for the moment when he makes enjoy with dozens of passengers. Entertain yourself and others around you by packing your instrument and playing some tunes. Chat with a Stranger Chatting with a friendly stranger at the airport bar, in the lounge or in a restaurant could lead to a short, conversations experiences at best. Talk to someone waiting near you. If the person is a local or a repeat visitor to your destination, your chat could a wealth of valuable vacation tips. Eat what you like Select airport eateries offer genuine gourmet cuisine, from locally inspired classics to luxurious dishes. There’s a popular Sea Foods restaurant at Airport and restaurants where travelers can get the same fresh fruits which they like. Watch the people With the interesting characters from every corner of the globe rushing about, airports are the perfect places for people watching. You’re in a public place, so there’s nothing wrong with snooping on a loud conversation or taking a second look.

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