Whether you're planning transportation for a wedding, prom or for an important business associate or client, being well informed is the key to having a safe and satisfying ride. Airport Drop Limo is a good service provider in Canada but to reduce the risk of ano-show, getting poor service, or not getting what you expected, it recommends the following tips before hiring any limousine service provider. Check references Choose an experienced, reputable company with numerous references. If a company can demonstrate that they have successfully operated for many years and have a solid reputation for quality and safety, you are probably in good hands. One of the best ways to find good limo services is through word of mouth. Ask a friend, relative or co-worker who they might have used and if they were happy with the service. A first-hand referral may be the best way to select a limousine company. Ask for proof of insurance Operators should be eager to provide proof of valid, current insurance coverage for their fleet. Be aware that some limousine service providers insure their vehicles under a personal auto policy, if at all. Personal auto insurance policies rarely cover the clients who hire the vehicle. State of regulations For service taking you or your party across state lines, check with that state for regulations and compliance. In some states, the vehicle can be stopped and immediately impounded if found not in compliance especially in Canada. Get everything in writing Special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings and proms, commonly require personalized attention to your specific requirements. The more specific your requirements, the further in advance you should reserve and pay for your limousine. When doing so, insist on a written contract that clearly states all details of your reservation. Price is obviously a factor. Limousine companies sometimes have layers of fees that they add on to your base rate. You’ll see fuel surcharges, administration costs, tolls and gratuity for the driver. Suddenly, your bill is 30 percent higher than you quote. Make sure your final price is all-inclusive and in writing to avoid any inconvenience. Quality chauffeurs A professional chauffeur is equally as important to the success of your event as a nice vehicle. Choose a provider that places a high value on the caliber of their chauffeurs. Rights Know your rights. Inquire about the company's cancellation policy and get a copy in writing. Visit Look before you done. If you haven't used the provider before and time allows, visit the company in person before hiring them. The time to find out what you're getting is or not on the date of the special occasion. If you’re renting for a major event, like a wedding or prom, take the time to see the vehicle you’re renting. Nothing is more deflating than getting picked up in an old limousine or worn and tired party bus. You might be able to get a good sense of the vehicle from pictures online, but make sure to confirm that the transportation you expect is the transportation you get.

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